We aim to simplify good choices and influence positive change in our industry. We create extraordinary everyday objects that our customers will be able to use and love for geneations. By presenting a broad collection of well-considered objects under one roof, we want to inspire people to live a more sustainable life.  


In addition to the broad palette of materials used in our designs, we continuously work to improve and develop new solutions for our designs and packing. By choosing recycled alternatives whenever possible. 


Throughout the production chain, we build on a foundation of strong and trusting relationship with skilled suppliers across the world.


Extending the life of the things we surround ourselves with is one of the most important contributions we can make to reduce our footprint on the environment and elevating the value of everyday objects can help conserve resourcesand prevent materials from becoming waste.


For our designs to be sustainable, we know we need to develop products that will continue to be useful and meaningful for generations to come and that allow the natural signs of ageing to be integrated and celebrated as something beautiful rather than imperfections.